What is Single Stream Recycling?
Single Stream Recycling is new technology that allows participants to put all of their recyclables into one container.  This makes curbside recycling much easier and results in an increase in the number of homeowners who participate in the recycling program.  It is also easier for Patriot Disposal, since our crews no longer have to source separate at the curb.

Single stream recycling refers to a system in which all recyclable materials (newspaper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.) are mixed together instead of being sorted separately by the homeowner and handled separately throughout the collection process. 

In single stream, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle a fully commingled mixture of recyclables.  Therefore, it is not necessary for the homeowner to separate the materials as they are collected; it is not necessary for the hauler to keep the materials separate as they are transported to the sorting facility and it is not necessary for the processing facility to keep the materials separated.  Instead, the materials are collected altogether by one collection vehicle and taken to a materials recovery facility where the recyclables are loaded in one stream, and transferred to the sorting chamber.  The items are then identified and sorted by various instruments, screens, magnets, air jets and other mechanical means as they are transported along a conveyor belt.  See video below.

How Do I Participate in Single Stream Recycling?
Participating in a single stream recycling program is easy!  You should already have a designated recycling container from Patriot Disposal to use for the collection of recyclable materials.  Put this container in a convenient location in your house, garage or yard, and let the members of your household know where it is and what types of items are acceptable to put in the container. 
Please see our Recycling Flyer for the items that Patriot Disposal will collect at the curb.  Whenever you are ready to discard any of the items that are acceptable for recycling put them in the recycling container.  On your recycling pickup day, put your recycling container out at the curb for pickup.

What is Recyclable?
Items that are acceptable to put in your recycling container are – newspapers, magazines & catalogs, plastic containers (#1-#7), assorted paper/mail, phone books, flattened cardboard (no larger than 4ft. x 4 ft.), beverage & soup cartons, paper cartons & cores, glass food & beverage containers, metal food & beverage containers, and clean aluminum foil.  We prefer that you do not use plastic bags for recycling.

DO NOT RECYCLE plastic bags or liners, coat hangers or wire, diapers, drinking glasses or dishes, Styrofoam cups, plates, take-out containers or packaging, light bulbs, sharps/needles.

Click HERE for a copy of our Recycling Flyer.

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See a video of how recycling is separated at a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).