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Fairfax | Loudoun | Prince William
Fairfax | Loudoun | Prince William

BASIC SERVICES:  Residential services include twice weekly collection of trash and once weekly collection of recyclables.  If you live in a rural area, your service may include only once weekly trash and recycling collection services.  If you do not know what your service days are, please call our office at 703-257-7100. 

Services will be provided on each of the designated service days unless otherwise noted (see Holidays and Inclement Weather).  Collection times, however, will vary.  Our crews begin at 6:00 a.m. each day (7:00 a.m. in Loudoun County) so all items must be staged at the curb no later than 6:00 a.m. on each service day.  Uncollected trash and recycling should be reported to our Customer Service Department, and will be picked up within a 24-hour period of the report.

CONTAINERS:  Please keep a record of the serial number of your Toter.  You are also allowed to and encouraged to put your address (or some identifying mark) on your containers with a marker or paint so that if your containers get mixed up with your neighbor’s, you will be able to identify which ones belong to your residence. 

Homeowners are responsible for the care and cleaning of their Toter and recycling bin. Additional Toters are available for a one-time charge of $45.00 each, and additional recycling bins are available for a one-time charge of $10.00.  There is a $75.00 replacement charge for each 96-gallon Toter, a $50.00 replacement charge for each 64-gallon Toter, a $50.00 replacement charge for each 32-gallon Toter, and a $10.00 replacement charge for each bin that is lost, stolen, or damaged by any means other than normal wear and tear.  All container fees must be prepaid by the homeowner prior to delivery.  

COMPANY POLICY:  All trash must be placed in a Patriot Disposal Toter, a standard covered trash can or in heavy-duty plastic trash bags, secured tightly.  Containers cannot weigh more than 50 lbs. or they will not be emptied.  Brush must be cut into 4-foot lengths, tied in small bundles (24” in diameter), or bagged.  Construction debris should be separated out for collection, and can be picked up for an additional charge.  Call our office for a quote.

COUNTY REGULATIONS:  The following items will NOT be collected:  liquid paint, combustibles, toxic waste, hazardous waste, flammable products, manure, friable asbestos, medical/bio-hazardous material, tires, or any other material prohibited by the landfill or any applicable state or federal law as being hazardous or toxic.

RECYCLING:  Recyclable materials will be collected at the curb once weekly.  The recycling method is single-stream, which allows the homeowner to put all recyclable materials together in one container, and no longer requires Patriot Disposal to source separate recyclables at the time of collection.  Click HERE for additional information about recycling.  Patriot Disposal will collect the following items for recycling:
       •Newspapers (with inserts)
       •Mixed paper – magazines, catalogs, junk mail, window envelopes, phone books, etc.
       •Cardboard – flattened and no larger than 4’x 4’
       •Glass food and beverage containers
       •Aluminum/metal food and beverage containers
       •Plastic containers #1-#7

SPECIAL ITEMS:  Special items (within reason) will be collected at the curb each week.  Special items include appliances, small furniture, small electronics, mattresses, and other large items.

Advance notice is required for the collection of all special items, with the exception of small furniture and mattresses, which may be placed at the curb with the regular trash.   

Special items will be collected for a minimum fee of $35.00.  Special items scheduled for pickup that are not out on the scheduled pickup day will be re-scheduled for pickup at the request of the homeowner for an additional $35.00 fee.

YARD WASTE:  Grass clippings and yard debris will be picked up from the curb each week.  If you do not know what your service day is, please call our office at 703-257-7100.  Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves and brush/hedge trimmings that result from the regular maintenace of your yard. It does not include stumps, rocks, dirt, sod, gravel, mulch, whole trees, or clean-up from storm damage. Collection of these items may be provided for an additional charge. Call our office for additional information and an estimate. Additional information regarding yard waste collection can be found here.

HOLIDAYS:  Patriot Disposal will provide service on all holidays that fall on regularly-scheduled collection days except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, or any other collection day when the refuse and recycling facilities are closed.  When a designated collection day falls on one of these holidays, uncollected trash and/or recyclables will be removed on the next regularly-scheduled collection day. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In the event that inclement weather prevents Patriot Disposal from providing service on a regularly-scheduled collection day, uncollected trash and recyclables will be removed on the next regularly-scheduled collection day.

ROAD CONDITIONS:  Patriot Disposal will not collected refuse or recyclables from any homes located on roads that are deemed impassable due to construction, construction vehicles, parked cars, or other obstructions or conditions.  Uncollected trash and recyclables will be removed on the next regularly-scheduled collection day.