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sample pet waste station

Did you know that pet waste is a major source of water contamination? Pet waste contains harmful bacteria and parasites such as fecal coliform bacteria, which can spread diseases. Keep your yards and our water cleaner with pet waste stations from Patriot Disposal!

Our pet waste station service includes:

  • Pet waste station installation 

  • Weekly removal of pet waste

  • Disposable pet waste bags provided and replenished at station

  • Pet waste station maintenance as needed

Environmental Impact

A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology observed dog owners who pick up or leave behind their dog waste. The study concluded that a little more than 60% of dog owners pick up after their pets.


Dog waste has a large impact on our local environment, it has been cited as being the third or fourth largest contributor of bacterial pollution in urban watersheds. In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed dog waste as a nonpoint source pollutant. This places dog waste in the same category as:

  • Oil, grease and toxic chemicals from motor vehicles

  • Pesticides and nutrients from lawns and gardens

  • Road salts

  • Heavy metals from roof shingles, motor vehicles and other sources

  • Thermal pollution from impervious surfaces such as streets and rooftops

It is proven to contaminate local watersheds but the reach of the pollutants can do much more. Untreated waste from 100 dogs across the span of 2 to 3 days contributes enough bacteria, nitrogen, and phosphorous to close 20 miles of a bay-watershed to swimming and shell-fishing, according to the EPA.

Learn more about the environmental impact of pet waste here.

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