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Recycling is very important to the health of our environment and to the bottom line of our businesses. Adding a recycling service to your waste disposal services can potentially lower your disposal costs by reducing your waste stream and increase state tax credits. No matter the size of your recycling footprint, we provide personalized services to meet your recycling needs. 

Our commercial recycling service includes:

  • Weekly pickup

  • Recycling containers are provided and maintained as needed ​

  • No more sorting, single-stream recycling means everything goes into one container!

The State of Recycling

Beginning January 1, 2018, China has banned the import of recycled scraps with more than .5% contamination - much lower than the global standard. China has been the largest importer of recycled materials including 7.3 million metric tons of recovered plastic from the US in 2016. These new limitations have put enormous pressure on western countries, including the United States.​

Contaminants include plastic bags, food waste, loose shredded paper, wrong plastics, etc. The US currently exports one-third of its recycled materials—how are we handling the excess waste? Unfortunately, much of this waste ends up in local landfills or in large containers in shipping yards around the country. What can we do? The best solution is to ensure the correct recycling of materials and ensuring all recyclables are clean when placed in your recycling container.

Learn more about the new limitations put in place by China and the state of recycling here.

What Can I Recycle?

stacked newspaper


empty bottles

Glass Food & Beverage Containers

sacked magazines

Magazines & Catalogs

flattened cardboard

Flattened Cardboard 

recycled plastic containers

Plastic Containers

aluminum cans

Aluminum Cans

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