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Maintaining your yard can be demanding and can leave behind refuse that needs a home. Patriot Disposal is here to help, simply bag up the refuse left from your yard work and leave it on the curb and we will do the rest. We know you work hard to maintain your yard, we promise to help you clean up!

Our yard waste collection service includes:​

  • Weekly collection from April 1st through December 24th 

    • Up to 10 bags, bundles, or containers not to exceed 50 pounds each

  • Depending on your county, yard waste may be collected on a different day from your regular garbage and recycling days

What is Yard Waste?


Grass Clippings

raked leaves


hedge trimming

Bush/Hedge Trimmings

Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, or bush/hedge trimmings resulting from normal maintenance of your yard. Please place your yard waste on the curb in brown paper yard waste bags or un-bagged in a personal container clearly marked 'yard waste' on both sides of the container.

Patriot Disposal will also collect tree trimmings so long as it is cut into four-foot lengths, with each limb or piece of brush no larger than four inches in diameter, and tied in small bundles with rope or twine. Each bundle can be no larger than two feet in diameter

Want to add our residential yard waste collection service? Click here.

Have questions about our residential yard waste collection service? Click here.


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